What we think getting healthy looks like vs what it actually looks like.

Have you given up on finding the perfect diet?


You’re in the right place!


So, you’ve tried everything.

All the diets, all the exercise programs. But you keep sliding back to the same old habits.

Yep: I’ve been there. Now I’m a “trail guide” to help you find your way outta here!

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This website is for the person who’s tried it all, and is looking for a different approach. I won’t tell you I’ve got the perfect diet that will “change your life in 30 days!”

I mean, eating extremely healthy for 30 days can start to change things, but the battle isn’t over then — is it?

I’ve been down several paths myself, and finally followed that twisty path above to find what works. But it’s not a one-solution-fits-all kind of thing. It’s not even a one-solution-fits-one kind of thing! You are not just a stomach, so the other parts of you — your heart, your mind, your soul; your mood, your sleep, your peace — need to be addressed as well.

That’s what I’m about here. But rather than leave you to figure out the twisty road yourself, I’ve figured out how the lessons I learned build on one another. There’s an order that makes sense. Sure, you may still experience some back and forth along your path — AND THAT’S OKAY! (Learning to give yourself grace is an important part of the journey.) But I think I can help you find a straighter path than you would on your own.

Just call me your trail guide. 🙂

Jana Snyder



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