It was my family’s health that turned me into a food-and-health research geek. My dad’s Lupus; my mom’s diabetes and Alzheimer’s; my husband’s mysterious angioedema; and my own depression, weight gain, and emotional eating issues have been the fire that fuels my search.

We can’t control what genes we’ve been given, but we can control our lifestyle. So I’ve been on a search to learn all I can about what I can do in regards to my health.

One of the interesting and telling things I discovered early on: There were far fewer cases of diabetes and autoimmune diseases a century ago.

diabetes + autoimmune diseases increase since 1050's

So what changed in the middle of the twentieth century? One of the most significant changes was that we started doing less food preparation at home and shifted more and more to the factory.

At first, commercially produced food had ingredients much like homemade food. But as time went on, manufacturers sought cheaper and more shelf-stable ways to make their products. Over the last 50 years, much has changed.



Here’s where all my research and personal experimentation has led me…


Try to eat food that’s as close as possible to the way God (or Nature, if you will) made it.

Whether you believe it’s God or Nature, it makes sense that

we were created for health, and

our bodies were made to run best on the foods this planet provides.