About the trails

First of all, we’re not talking about physical trails. No hiking boots needed! (Did I hear a sigh of relief?)

The “trails” on this site are metaphorical: they’re steps on your journey to a healthier you. But they are similar in some ways to actual hiking trails.

If you visit a hiking area, you’ll find a variety of hikes available. Some are short walks on level ground. Some take a few hours or more, and require some knowledge of backpacking, and maybe special equipment.

If you’ve ever started a diet without fully understanding the “why” behind it…

If you’ve ever tried a meal plan that didn’t suit your tastes or your schedule…

If you’ve ever attempted cutting out your favorite food group without addressing the emotional attachments…

…then you’ve essentially hit the advanced trail with beginner trail training.

That doesn’t work out well on mountain trails, and it’s often the thing which sabotages women’s attempts to change their eating habits for good.

I’ve put a lot of thought into what kinds of knowledge and tools are needed for this get-healthy journey. I’ve looked at my own experience over three decades, I’ve talked with dozens of women about their struggles and successes, and I’ve delved into the research of psychologists who study how people change. I’ve culled the most essential information, and organized it into five groups I call trails.


The five trails

Trail 1: Boost your food I.Q.

Bust the food myths that are holding you back

If you think restricting calories is the best way to lose weight, start here!

Learn about Trail 1

Trail 2: Find your mojo

Uncover your motivators and anti-motivators

If you don’t know why you keep going back to the same unhealthy eating habits — or if you know why but you don’t know what to do about it — this trail will help.

Learn about Trail 2

Trail 3: Choose what works

Define the boundaries you can live with

If you’ve (unsuccessfully) followed other diets, but never designed your own, this trail will help you find what works for you, forever.

Learn about Trail 3

Trail 4: Plan for success

Create with a game plan to defeat obstacles

You know your nutrition, you’ve dealt with your emotion and habit things, and you’ve chosen a way of eating just for you. Now make some plans to ensure it works in real life.

Learn about Trail 4

Trail 5: Make it last

Learn to persevere, no matter what

You’ve started your new lifestyle: now gather some tools to help you stay on the journey for good.

Learn about Trail 5