Jana’s fire-in-the-belly is helping others find food freedom so they can feel good every day, fully able to share their gifts with the world. She’ll explore any avenue to make that happen: writing, speaking, educating, sharing a meal.

Where the passion comes from:

Losing her mom to Alzheimer’s (and what she learned when she dug into research) made Jana a rabid fangirl about the connection between food and quality of life. As she began teaching women the truth about food, she heard dozens of reasons excuses why they didn’t have time or resources to feed themselves well. Women tend to be so busy taking care of everyone else, they won’t take time to “put their own oxygen mask on first.”

This made her realize it’s not just about food. To make permanent lifestyle changes, we need to start with caring about ourselves.

So she writes and teaches about why we must feed our bodies with real, God-made food; but also about why we must feed our hearts and souls tenderly, with good self-care.

Where Jana is:

Jana lives in Wichita KS with her husband, Eric. They’ve been married since 1983 and have two awesome-sauce children, now successfully adulting. The only “kid” in the house these days is a big dog in a small package, a rescue mutt named Gibbs.

When she’s not writing, speaking, or scouring flea markets for vintage Pyrex and mid-century modern furniture, you can find Jana in the kitchen, doing dishes. Unfortunately, Gibbs doesn’t help. (Well, he’d like to, but the dishes would still need to be put in the dishwasher.)

Jana Snyder can be found online at:
> Food and health blog: ohthatstasty.com
> Instagram: @jana.realfood and @jana.reallife
> Facebook: facebook.com/ohthatstasty/

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