Hey! I’m Jana Snyder. I’m a trail guide for women on a journey to a healthier place.

I teach, encourage, and walk alongside people whose history of trying to lose weight or eat healthy looks like “try, fail; try, fail; try, fail.” I’ve been there! I’ve been researching and living out this topic for more than 10 years. And it lights up my day when I get to share the lessons I’ve learned about giving myself grace and good food. And especially when I see it light up someone else’s face as they get it!

Back when I was a web developer (my former job), my clients often said, “You ask great questions!” In that role, my job was to help people figure out what they really needed — which was almost always different from what they thought they needed. My work now is similar. I help women discover what’s really at the root of their stuckness, and what they need to move forward.

My knowledge comes from decades of personal experience, including a thorough (obsessive?) focus on food and health since 2006, when my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I’ve been blogging about food since 2012. And, since 2015, I’ve taught dozens of women in small groups on this topic, and learned so much from them about what our common and unique struggles are. Finally, I’ve spent some time learning about the stages of change from the literature produced by psychiatrists who are experts on that topic.

When I’m not writing or teaching, you can find me lunching with a friend, scouring flea markets for potential redemption stories, or in my kitchen, doing dishes. (Guess which one isn’t my favorite.)

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