Better Than Before

by Gretchen Rubin

This book explores how we make and break habits. The author delves into how knowing ourselves and our personalities is crucial for achieving success in our habit-changing efforts. Are you motivated more by interior or outside forces? What do you rebel against? Are you a moderator or abstainer?

This book is not about food or diet specifically, but the lessons are perfectly applicable for anyone wanting to break bad habits or reinforce good ones, and she does often use diet and exercise examples.

Favorite quotes:

We’re more likely to do something if it’s convenient, and less likely if it’s not. For this reason, we should pay close attention to the convenience of any activity we want to make into a habit.

People who… show compassion toward themselves in the face of failure are better able to regain self-control, while people who [are] full of self-blame struggle more.

In fact, a stumble may be helpful, because it shows me where I need to concentrate my efforts in order to do better next time.

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