Beyond the basic trails

You’ve probably landed here after taking The Quiz, or after a careful reading of About the Trails. (If not, you might want to check those out.)

The “basic trails” are truly foundational to all the other sections. Lacking some of the info you learn there can sabotage you later.

Let’s recap what those are:

Trail 1: Boost your food I.Q. If you’ve mastered this trail, then you know that a low-fat diet is not the only way to lose weight, and for many people it actually sabotages their diet because they’re always hungry. You understand that a diet heavy in processed food is connected with most (if not all) lifestyle diseases, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. You know that a healthy diet will be rich in non-starchy vegetables, it will include plenty of healthy fats, and that animal products are healthier when they’re antibiotic- and hormone-free.

Trail 2: Find your mojo If you’ve done the work of this trail, you’ve given some serious attention to the reasons you eat when you’re not hungry — things like emotional eating, social pressure, or habits. You don’t necessarily have them solved, but you know what your issues are, and you’re ready to learn how to do things differently. You’ve also identified one or more reasons to get healthy that are strongly and personally compelling to you.

Do you have a good handle on those? If not, please pop back and go through Trail 1 and/or Trail 2. It will do so much to ensure your long-term success!

If you have settled those issues, you’re ready to move on! Let’s look at what the next trails offer, and discern where you should go next.


Which trail is your best next step?

Which of these is true for you?

“I’ve thought through and determined some healthy boundaries I think I can live with forever. I know what type of diet I want to use, and when and how to flex my boundaries to keep myself on track.”

If this is not true, you’d benefit from doing Trail 3: Choose what works next. If it is true, read on.


“I have a plan in place for what breakfast, lunch, and dinner will look like, and I’m ready with some tricks to keep that doable. I’ve thought about how I’ll handle busy days and social situations, and I have ideas on how to conquer those kinds of temptations.”

If this is not true, Trail 4: Plan for success will help equip you in these ways. If it is true, read on.


If you’ve done the above items, and you’re either ready to start your changed lifestyle within the next week, or you’ve already started, you’re on Trail 5: Make it last. This trail will help equip you with tools and tactics to keep on keeping on!

Want some help on the journey? I offer one-on-one online support sessions.