fave recipe: strawberry pretzel salad

strawberry cheesecake dessert in a jar

Are you planning to enjoy some food freedom on Independence Day? I am! 🙋‍♀️ A big part of true food freedom is knowing which boundaries you can relax and which ones you’re better off keeping. I know I’ll feel crappy the next day and fight cravings for a couple days if I pig out on … Read morefave recipe: strawberry pretzel salad

thirst is our ally

blackout poem; the secret is to stay and call it holy ground.

When we find ourselves in hard seasons or times of being acutely aware of our weakness, our first instinct is to run, to avoid, to end it as quickly as possible. I’m slowly, slowly learning that if we let it, these seasons can instead be something that presses us nearer to God. “God calls us … Read morethirst is our ally

love notes you missed


Every day, I leave gifts and love notes for you: “Isn’t this amazing? I knew you’d like it!” “I made this for you – enjoy!” // Sometimes, I send a message through someone else. A friend, a co-worker – even people you don’t know. “You’re doing a great job!” “Slow down a little. Take care … Read morelove notes you missed