10 ingredient prep tips

tray of prepared ingredients

Doing ingredient prep before the first day of your new diet is probably the best thing you can do to start off strong. I like it better than prepping full meals, because it opens up more flexibility on a day-to-day basis. And it’s not as time-consuming on the front end, while still saving you time when you fix … Read more

What is food freedom?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried a 30-day diet, hoping to have all your food issues solved at the end. Yeah, me too. When that happens, we may fault ourselves, or we may dismiss the diet. But I’ve found through my own experience that there’s more going on. Let me first say that the … Read more

What if I told you that hunger is good?

Morpheus from The Matrix

What if you didn’t have to feel guilty for every craving? What if you saw them as signs, instead of failures? Here’s the thing: You have legit hungers. You are a four-part person: heart, soul, mind, body; and each of these parts has its own hunger. Your heart hungers to be known and loved, and to love … Read more

Imagine a new you

Having a positive vision of where you’re going can be a helpful motivator at any stage of your journey, but it’s especially useful when you’re just starting out or when you’re endeavoring to keep at it for the long haul. Imagine you… ⦁ Feeling great when you wake up in the morning. ⦁ Having energy … Read more

From grumpy to grateful

grumpy faced cat

Okay, so there are a lot of things that can make you grumpy. When the shop clerk believes texting her friend about last night is more important than getting you checked out quickly. Raisins you thought were chocolate chips. The way no one in the house but you sees the trash can when it’s overflowing. … Read more

Re-framing failure with grace

I know how journaling helps my mind. I know that reading scripture, meditating, and praying keep my soul anchored. But some days, I struggle to discipline myself enough to sit down and journal, or pray, or meditate. I tend to get distracted by the tasks for the day, or the fun easy thing I’d rather … Read more

Is food your happy pill?

goldfish saying, Am I just going around in circles?

Yesterday morning, I was doing a writing exercise that asked me to think about painful places I don’t want to return to (oh, yay), and how that relates to my current writing. As I mulled over possibilities, one that came back to me was late 2009, when my dad was dying. At the same time, my mom … Read more