Understanding food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities

There are three types of reactions people may have to foods: allergies, intolerance, and sensitivity. It’s not unusual to see some of these terms used interchangably, and most people aren’t aware of the differences between them, but the differences are important. Allergies and intolerance Food allergies are when your body perceives a food as a dangerous intruder and … Read more

Is factory-made food affecting your health?

When my mom’s dementia became apparent in 2006, I started reading everything I could find about it. I started out thinking the cure would be a pill, but I quickly learned that the currently available Alzheimer’s medications were not all that helpful. Fourteen years later, not much has changed. Results are varied from patient to … Read more

Crash course: better choices

16 minute crash course for making better food choices

This series of short audio clips will take about 16 minutes to listen to, and at the end you’ll have some simple ideas for making healthier choices at home and away. . Eating out: some safe go-to dishes (4.75 minutes) . How to avoid sugar in your salad (3 minutes) . More veggies, made easy … Read more

What if I told you that hunger is good?

Morpheus from The Matrix

What if you didn’t have to feel guilty for every craving? What if you saw them as signs, instead of failures? Here’s the thing: You have legit hungers. You are a four-part person: heart, soul, mind, body; and each of these parts has its own hunger. Your heart hungers to be known and loved, and to love … Read more