slow down for beauty

sedum, close up

You might miss these tiny rosy spikes of sedum if you walked by too quickly. In the winter garden, you’ve got to really look to find color and life: slow down, look under dead leaves, lean in close. But that makes it all the more beautiful.  My mom would have been 90 this month. Alzheimer’s … Read moreslow down for beauty

the whole earth is filled, and so am I

sun lighting up a field of weeds

Last weekend, I went to a writer’s conference, a 3-hour drive from home. I arrived at my hotel a bit before sunset, and having spent the entire day indoors or on the road, I decided to sit outside and enjoy what sun was left before checking in. Next to the hotel was this field of … Read morethe whole earth is filled, and so am I

love notes you missed


Every day, I leave gifts and love notes for you: “Isn’t this amazing? I knew you’d like it!” “I made this for you – enjoy!” // Sometimes, I send a message through someone else. A friend, a co-worker – even people you don’t know. “You’re doing a great job!” “Slow down a little. Take care … Read morelove notes you missed