when the back road is the right road

hazy back road

The road of obedience often runs through back roads that look nothing like success, where no one in the visible world is applauding.  The Lord doesn’t require us to succeed where we’re sent: only that we serve where we’re sent. We supply the service: the success is God’s to define, and to fulfill, when and as … Read morewhen the back road is the right road

there will be broken glass

Poem: There will be broken glass. With it, you can slit your wrists, or hang it in the last sliver of light and bathe in rainbows. Choice is yours. - b.

This was timely for me, this lovely, profound poem by @sometimesphoenix.* A few days ago, I experienced something that felt like failure. And honestly, I let it sting, for about the first 12 hours. The next morning, I sat down with the Word and my journal, and looked straight at it. I began to see … Read morethere will be broken glass

clearing your head

yellow leaves on deck

How often do we need to renew our minds? I was thinking about this yesterday while sweeping our deck. There are a couple mature trees near our deck, and their branches hover over the deck. They provide lovely shade — but also leaves. If I don’t keep the deck swept, leaves get tracked into the … Read moreclearing your head

for the recovering perfectionist

blackout poem; would perfection be enough?

Making a blackout poem is totally different from every other form of creativity I’ve practiced. When I sit down, I have no notion of what the topic will be or where the words will take me. When I made this blackout poem and these words surfaced, I thought, huh! Working on it. My brand of … Read morefor the recovering perfectionist