Imagine a new you

happy woman

Having a positive vision of where you’re going can be a helpful motivator at any stage of your journey, but it’s especially useful when you’re just starting out (Stage 1) or when you’re endeavoring to keep at it for the long haul (Stage 5). Imagine you… ⦁ Feeling great when you wake up in the … Read more

What is food freedom?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried a 30-day diet, hoping to have all your food issues solved at the end. Yeah, me too. When that happens, we may fault ourselves, or we may dismiss the diet. But I’ve found through my own experience that there’s more going on. Let me first say that the … Read more

Where do I start?

I’ve been talking with women about their food journey for several years now, and one frustration I hear again and again is, “It’s so overwhelming! How do I know where to start?” It’s a great question, and there is an answer, but first, we have to ask two more questions: Where do you want to … Read more

Is it too late for me to change?

woman wondering

Oh, hi there! Well, this is embarrassing… I’m not quite ready for company here. You’re welcome to poke around, but I’m still filling things in, so you may run into a few blank pages. Like this one. If you have any questions, please contact me! Let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to … Read more

A hidden reason for repeated relapse

graffiti: you are here again.

What if you’ve cleaned up your diet, found your bigger yes, made time for self care, and you’re still struggling with frequent, repeated returns to your old ways? I’m not talking about having pizza one night and cake at a wedding in the same week. I’m talking about several times every week, for weeks on … Read more

Fat – not so evil after all

steak and potatoes

Originally published on in June 2015. Until recently, asking “Is fat healthy?” would get you a look of disbelief from most people. But the tide is turning. Consider these excerpts from a June 24, 2015 article on The latest version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans – the government-sanctioned recommendations about what we should and shouldn’t eat – … Read more