Joni: I feel better!

My path to a healthy diet has been a long one. I have Type 2 Diabetes, joint pain, and thyroid issues. I knew that food could help me or hurt me, but the enjoyment of good food and especially eating with others has always been a pleasurable part of my life, so this was a … Read more

Cathy: less pain, more energy

As entered my 60’s my body started playing tricks on me. I had constant chronic joint pain, body aches, weight gain, difficulty sleeping at night, and frequent, severe migraines. I’ve tried to make diet changes many times, usually with a goal to lose weight. I never stuck with it very long. I thought it was … Read more

Norma: breakthrough

At the beginning of attending Jana’s class, I realized how much I didn’t care about taking care of my health, and my prayer was, “Lord, give me the want to, to want to!” What I learned in the first few sessions made me see the reasons behind my struggle with food. This in turn gave … Read more