Cathy: less pain, more energy

As entered my 60’s my body started playing tricks on me. I had constant chronic joint pain, body aches, weight gain, difficulty sleeping at night, and frequent, severe migraines.

I’ve tried to make diet changes many times, usually with a goal to lose weight. I never stuck with it very long. I thought it was too hard, took too much time, or was too restrictive. I would usually give up after a month or two.

Jana, a long time friend, began to share with me what she was learning about food, and how the additives affect our bodies, causing many of the symptoms I was struggling with. For the first time, I began to see my food choices having less to do with weight loss, and more to do with my health and quality of life.

Then I had the opportunity to take a class from Jana. In one session, she paraphrased a quote from Stephen Covey: “It’s easier to say ‘no’ when you have a bigger ‘yes’ burning within.” Up until then, my priority goal was to lose weight. Through the class, I realized I needed a goal that mattered more to me.

Now my “bigger yes” is to improve my mobility and reduce my chronic pain so I can travel with my husband, and play with my grandkids. With this focus, I’ve found it easy to make better food choices.

I don’t have to fit into a preset mold. I’m encouraged and cheered toward my goals. I’m learning what works for me and I’m getting the tools necessary to make life long changes.

Ever since the class (over a year ago), I’ve been eating cleaner and healthier — and my body likes it! Now I have much less pain, fewer migraines, better sleep, and the energy to keep up with my busy 2-year-old grandson. The added bonus: the brain fog I didn’t even realize I had is now gone!


To be notified when classes are open, sign up here. Or learn more about working one-on-one with Jana.

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