Imagine a new you

Having a positive vision of where you’re going can be a helpful motivator at any stage of your journey, but it’s especially useful when you’re just starting out or when you’re endeavoring to keep at it for the long haul.

Imagine you…

⦁ Feeling great when you wake up in the morning.

⦁ Having energy to do fun things you can’t do now.

⦁ Able to pass up desserts and junk food without feeling deprived.

⦁ Able to freely enjoy the occasional special food without tossing all your boundaries out the window.

⦁ Able to reduce or quit some of your medications (along with their side effects).

⦁ And yes, feeling better about how you look. Healthy. Energetic. Maybe even younger.


art by @thistlequiff on Instagram

This could be — this can be your life! Just recognize that it’s not going to happen overnight. It’ll take some long term commitment, possibly some professional help, and, initially, some uncomfortable changes in familiar patterns. But if you can keep a picture of this new you in front of you, that can be a powerful tool to help you persevere.

Trust me: it’s so, so worth it!

And in the end, it doesn’t feel hard any more. It feels like freedom.

. . .

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