Joni: I feel better!

My path to a healthy diet has been a long one.

I have Type 2 Diabetes, joint pain, and thyroid issues. I knew that food could help me or hurt me, but the enjoyment of good food and especially eating with others has always been a pleasurable part of my life, so this was a hard battle for me.

One helpful piece of the puzzle was finding the “bigger yes” to keep me motivated. It’s important to me to follow the Lord and serve Him well, so seeing my diet as stewardship of the body God’s given me helps me remember why the sacrifices are worth it.*

I’ve found that when I avoid sugar, sweeteners, and gluten, I have fewer body aches and just feel better overall.

About Jana: She doesn’t present herself as the guru at the top of the mountain (I’ve worked with them and always felt I was struggling to keep up), but as the friend who walks alongside, who is familiar with the terrain. Each conversation is wrapped with encouragement and grace.

She shares her knowledge and encourages me, but she’s also good company along the way!


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*Jana’s note: “I encourage everyone to find their own personal yes.”

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