love notes you missed

love notes you missed

Every day, I leave gifts and love notes for you:

“Isn’t this amazing? I knew you’d like it!” “I made this for you – enjoy!”


Sometimes, I send a message through someone else.

A friend, a co-worker – even people you don’t know.

“You’re doing a great job!” “Slow down a little. Take care of yourself.”


But you aren’t listening for me,

so you think it’s just so much noise.


I know that time with me —

time tuning your heart and mind

to recognize me wherever and however I speak —

will make all of your busy life more peace-filled,

settle your anxious mind,

satisfy your ever-hungry heart, your dry, dry soul.

“Come to me all who are thirsty… Listen to me, and eat what is good… Listen, and come to me. You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace.”


If you have ears to hear, hear…


The bird’s song is an encoded message sent to remind you:

“He provides daily food for us, we small feathered things.

He’ll provide for you, too.”


The mountains speak of my strength and permanence.

The ocean whispers of my infinite ability to cleanse.

The stars pour forth speech night after night:

“He is ancient and beautiful, and bigger than you can even imagine.”


The disintegrating seed, dying and breaking open underground

sends up a green sign in springtime:

“He brings life out of death. He makes all things new.”


And the heartbreak in your world? 

I didn’t create that, but I speak through it, too.

“Come to me, when you’re weary. Come find rest for your soul.”


Sometimes I even speak directly to your thoughts. “Trust me.” “This is the way: walk in it.”


But you don’t hear my words of gift and invitation


your ears are only attuned to the approval and disapproval of others.


You already have my approval.

I know the real you.

I love the real you.

I’m always with you,

always thinking of you.


Always reaching out.


Keep an eye out for my love notes, would you?


[Jana Snyder, 2018]


Originally posted on Instagram.