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This page is a collection of links to great tips from other people. I’ll add to it as I find new ones.


The Lazy Genius: How she does food prep

Meal prep is when you prep food knowing what its eventual meal is or you completely cook the meal itself to reheat later. Food prep is getting food in some kind of ‘ready, set’ form so that when you need to eat, it’s basically time to ‘go.’

When you food prep, you might not have an endgame in mind, but you’re comfortable enough with what you eat and how to throw things together that you trust it’ll get eaten somehow.

If you’re a new cook or struggle to know what foods go together, you might need to start meal prepping more than food prepping. Otherwise, you might be a tad overwhelmed at a ton of prepped food you have no idea what to do with. So if you like recipes more than riffing, aim for more meal prep than food prep as you get started. While this post is geared more toward food prep, you can still learn a lot.”

The Lazy Genius Guide to Food Prep


The Rising Spoon: Kitchen hacks

“So what happens when you have a kitchen full of ‘ingredients’ instead of ready-made food, but you don’t feel like cooking for a few days? Let it all go to waste?

“Heck no! 

“You implement some meal planning tips (like taking inventory to know what’s in your kitchen) and kitchen hacks so that the foods you spend hard-earned money on last as long as possible.”

Fifteen Kitchen Hacks To Save Money, Prevent Food Waste & Make Your Life Easier


Mel Joulwan: Her weekly “big cook-up”

I love cooking and hate making dinner. Cooking is art and love and experimentation and relaxation and fun. Making dinner is ‘If I don’t get that food from its ingredient state into dinner state and into my mouth soon, I’m going to murder someone.’

“This is how I make sure we don’t run out of food or spend way too much time in the kitchen. I hope this is helpful to you.”

(Mel is the author of Well-Fed Weeknights)

Paleo Kitchen: The Method to My Madness


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