Norma: breakthrough

At the beginning of attending Jana’s class, I realized how much I didn’t care about taking care of my health, and my prayer was, “Lord, give me the want to, to want to!”

What I learned in the first few sessions made me see the reasons behind my struggle with food. This in turn gave me hope, because then I could focus on what I needed most in order to have breakthrough. I never realized how much of my “grazing” was due to boredom. It was helpful to find other ways to feed my heart, mind, and soul so I wouldn’t graze.

It’s been encouraging to me to regain some healthy control over food, by having food control me less often…. knowing I’m doing this to take better care of myself and to be a better steward of the body and destiny He has for me.

These last few weeks I’ve experienced breakthrough and more freedom. There is nothing like freedom! Now I totally do care and want to be healthier — such a reversal from the beginning of class. I haven’t arrived, but I’m headed in the right direction.

This past Monday, I experienced having such a clear mind, full of energy, so I was able to accomplish more on my writing day. Tuesday was the same. And the last three days, I haven’t “needed” my afternoon cup of coffee. Now that’s a true miracle!


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