One of the easiest things you can do to encourage and inspire yourself at any stage of the journey is to create a community of like-minded folks who spur you on with their example and their words.

Here are a few of my online favorites.


Food blogs

Paleo Newbie – Tons of paleo recipe options — and you don’t have to “be paleo” to enjoy them! I cook this simple one-pan meal again and again, especially in cold weather: 20-Minute Shrimp & Sausage Paleo Skillet Meal.

Simply Recipes – This is not a diet-oriented website, but it uses real-food ingredients. I include it because I’ve never had a recipe off this site (and I use it often) that wasn’t delicious. One of our very favorites: Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sage Sauce. I can attest that it’s delicious even without the sage! It’s a tad fussy for making on an average weeknight (in my opinion), but definitely worth it for a celebration or dinner guests.

Tastes Lovely – Clean eating, clean keto, toxin-free, and Paleo options are offered in easy-to-do recipes. Includes a selection of weekly menus and dining out guides.

Wellness Mama – This website is vast, so I’ve just linked to the recipe index. All recipes are “grain-free, dairy optional, and kid-approved.”

Whole Sisters – Gorgeously photographed real-food recipes with broad appeal. No obscure vegetables here, this is stuff that’d be welcome at any potluck. Their biggest claim to fame: Dump Ranch.

Oh That’s Tasty! – This is my food and recipe blog. In the beginning, it was a bit of everything, but the last several years, I’ve focused on real food, with many recipes being Paleo or Paleo-ish. (The two most popular recipes: three-ingredient coconut cookies and very veggie tuna salad.) Find the complete real food recipe index here.



Everyone is a bit scared, said the horse, but we are less scared together.

Barb Raveling / @barbraveling – Author of I Deserve a Donut, Freedom from Emotional Eating, and The Renewing of the Mind Project. Her feed includes encouraging words for anyone on a journey to food freedom, and seeking to be closer to God.

Charlie Mackesy / @charliemackesy – This British artist’s account has nothing to do with food or health, but it features charming art with heart-lifting words about topics like bravery and friendship. (Shown above.) A great encourager to include in your feed!

Christian Mental Health (Brittney Moses) / @christianmentalhealth – A good resource for a balanced approach to mental health. For example, she says “Experiencing anxiety or depression doesn’t make you any less of a Christian. It makes you human.” Amen! Another resource for encouraging words.

Jen Sullivan / @nourishednotfamished – If you like my stuff, you’ll like hers! We’re very much on the same page about food, health, and self care. For food how-to videos, check out her YouTube channel!

Jana Snyder – @jana.reallife – My personal feed. I share thoughts about faith, grace, and my love for nature. And occasional family or dog pics. (Mostly the dog.)

Max Lugavere / @maxlugavere – This guy’s story is similar to mine, in that his mom’s dementia is what propelled him to learn more about food and health. Sometimes he posts about stuff I can’t say is legit or not (like cold therapy), but mostly he posts info and tips about eating more real food and cutting out the processed junk.

Nan & Nicole / @wholesisters – Gorgeously photographed real-food recipes. Sometimes the recipes are included right on the IG post.


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