Jana doesn’t present herself as the guru at the top of the mountain (I’ve worked with them and always felt I was struggling to keep up), but as the friend who walks alongside, who is familiar with the terrain. Each conversation is wrapped with encouragement and grace. She shares her knowledge and encourages me, but she’s also good company along the way! — JH, classes, 2016, 2020

I have had the privilege of attending several of Jana’s classes where she shares her wealth of knowledge regarding food and its place in our lives. Jana shares from her own experiences and delivers refreshing wisdom with so much grace. Her presentations are engaging and informative, and are delivered with truth and kindness. She doesn’t champion a “method,” but instead encourages us to grab hold of our own journey and live a healthy, balanced life. — LS, classes, 2015, 2016, 2020

I so appreciate all the research you’ve done on the scientific end of food, and you are truly gifted to dumb it down for me to grasp hold of and understand. I also appreciate your emphasis on freedom and not weight loss. I’m grateful for how you divided up boundaries into temporary, permanent, and special occasions. That has helped me. I can’t thank you enough for this study! — ND, class, 2019

I appreciate the step by step, practical building of this course…. how it builds on positive thinking and achievable steps. Before I knew it, I’d made big changes along the way, using small revisions each week. — CH, class, 2019

This study was well organized and researched. It gave me many new options and resources. It has renewed my hope. A gift given to me, and I am grateful! — TC, class, 2019

This class was really eye-opening for me…. Lots of good information I can use going forward. — PB, classes, 2019, 2020