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30 Mantras to keep you going (when you want to quit)

Over the last five years, I’ve picked up quite a few tools that helped me keep going. One of the best was having a phrase that motivated me to stick to my boundaries no matter what. I’ve gathered my favorites, as well as several I know have been helpful to others, into one handy cheat sheet! You’ll get a link to the instant printable download as soon as you sign up.

UPDATE March 2022: I’m no longer producing this newsletter, but I still want to make these resources available to anyone who needs them. So now I’m opening up the “Insider’s Library” to anyone. To access all the goodies listed below, just go to this page — enjoy!

Want to hear about the other goodies you’ll get?

I’ve collected some of my most useful resources and created an online Insiders’ Library that’s only available to my subscribers.

In addition to the 30 mantras cheat sheet, you’ll get immediate access to these goodies:

Mini books

Dressings, Dips, & Spreads

dressings dips and spreads

Making your own dressing is any easy way to eliminate sugar and add healthy fats to your diet. Plus, they taste so much better than homemade. You’ll never miss the sugar in Strawberry Poppyseed Dressing! And The Last Vinaigrette Recipe You’ll Ever Need is like dozens of recipes in one.

These are the dressing recipes I use again and again. They’re my most basic, most versatile recipes: many of them can also serve as dips or spreads.

Small Steps to Big Change


I’ve rounded up my easiest and most successful diet hacks — ones that worked for me — and packed them all into one nine-page pdf, explaining 10 simple changes you can make to cut sugar and refined carbs down or out of your diet! Each hack is broken down into smaller steps, to further ensure your success at making the changes — and making them stick.

Other resources

17 ingredients: a month of meals

It’s like a mix-and-match wardrobe for your kitchen! This two-page printable shows how stocking your kitchen with basic, strategic ingredients creates many possibilities.

Flexible meal plan template

A one-page worksheet to help you set up a super flexible meal plan: it works with your tastes, your planning style, your schedule.

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