slow down for beauty

slow down for beauty

You might miss these tiny rosy spikes of sedum if you walked by too quickly. In the winter garden, you’ve got to really look to find color and life: slow down, look under dead leaves, lean in close. But that makes it all the more beautiful. 

My mom would have been 90 this month. Alzheimer’s was a long, barren winter, but it taught me to look for tiny, firefly moments of grace. One day, after she was no longer able to have a conversation, I just sat with her, holding her hand. I wondered if she even knew I was there. But when I started to move my hand away, she quickly grabbed it and held tighter. Another day she was completely out of it, sitting up but eyes half-closed. But when I said “I love you” in her ear, she whispered, “I love you, too.”There were other rare moments when I saw her soul shining through her eyes.

These brief moments of color & life were gifts that taught me to keep my eyes open. 

I need to be reminded, though. Thank you, winter.

Originally posted on Instagram.