snack attack SOS: A WORKSHOP

Do you tell yourself you’re not going to have that snack again today — but then you do?

Would you like to send out a snack attack SOS?!

In a recent class I taught, one of my favorite sessions was when I helped the ladies figure out what things triggered their snack attacks — or “snaccidents.” And then I brainstormed with each person about how they might prevent or combat these in the future.

I’m recreating those two sessions into an online workshop, and you’re invited!

The workshop:

The format: We’ll meet first on Sat. Oct. 24 for a one-hour session on Zoom. (If you’ve never done it, don’t worry — it’s easy!) Then I’ll give you a teeny-tiny assignment to do several days over the following week. On Sat. Oct. 31, we’ll meet on Zoom for a longer, two-hour session, where we’ll dig in deeper and do some problem solving.

The tone: I am all about being gentle and kind to yourself! And I will treat you the same. I promise no body-shaming, no weight-shaming, no guilting you into change. (I’m assuming that if you’re interested in this workshop, you’re already interested in changing. Looking for a quick, easy, no-work magic pill? Maybe you should pass. 🙂 )

What you’ll get: You’ll walk away with deeper insights into what drives your snacking pattern, and have some practical tips for flipping the script in the future! Have questions? Contact me!

Dates and time:

  • Sat. Oct. 24: 10 – 11 AM, Central Time
  • Sat. Oct. 31: 10 AM to noon, Central Time

Cost: $10. >> If you schedule a one-on-one session with me within two weeks of the workshop, I’ll credit the cost of the workshop towards your session fee!

How to register: Just click the button below. But first, please note these restrictions:

Registration is open until Midnight Central Time on Thursday, October 22, 2020.

Seats are limited to eight.




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