fave recipe: keto strawberry shortcake

fave recipe: keto strawberry shortcake

I grew up eating a version of strawberry shortcake made, not with sweet sponge cake, but with quick biscuits. We had this every year when strawberries were being picked on my grandma’s farm. (Is it a midwest thing? A farm thing? An English or German thing?) To me, this is the only way to have strawberry shortcake! The unsweet, very-slightly-salty flavor of the biscuits is akin to pie crust, and just hypes up the sweetness of the berries.

Recently, I created a new version of the shortcake that’s grain-free and low carb. Keto. Strawberry. Shortcake. You’re welcome.

I may have eaten this for breakfast once or twice. 🙄

To compensate for the dryness of the biscuit, strawberries should be very juicy, and we always drizzled some whole milk over it, too, but feel free to sub half-and-half, heavy cream, or coconut milk.

Here’s the recipe: Grain-free biscuit recipe.