Surrendering Hunger

by Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson is a Christian author of 18 books, and she knows firsthand what it means to struggle in this area. This book is like a glimpse into her journal as she talks honestly with God about her battle. The subtitle is “365 Devotions for Wholeness.”

In one entry she says, “My eating problem is… my scheme to manage pain, feel better, and preform well in the chaos of me.” In another, “The shame of the way I overate made me silent about my true self… I was less then nothing… By surrendering to God, I’m allowing him to life the shame from me.”

Each one of the 365 entries includes a few paragraphs where she mulls over one aspect of trying to turn her eating over to God, concludes with a one-sentence prayer, and ends with a short thought that summarizes what she learned.

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