fave recipe: very veggie tuna salad

tuna salad with lots of veggies

My favorite salad, variation number 83 (or something like that). It’s like summer in a bowl, and I need that right now! #kansaswinter This is one of the top three most-visited recipes on my food blog. It’s a delicious way to add lots of veggies to your day. There’s a core recipe, but lots of … Read morefave recipe: very veggie tuna salad

fave recipe: keto strawberry shortcake

strawberry shortcake

I grew up eating a version of strawberry shortcake made, not with sweet sponge cake, but with quick biscuits. We had this every year when strawberries were being picked on my grandma’s farm. (Is it a midwest thing? A farm thing? An English or German thing?) To me, this is the only way to have … Read morefave recipe: keto strawberry shortcake

fave recipe: strawberry pretzel salad

strawberry cheesecake dessert in a jar

Are you planning to enjoy some food freedom on Independence Day? I am! 🙋‍♀️ A big part of true food freedom is knowing which boundaries you can relax and which ones you’re better off keeping. I know I’ll feel crappy the next day and fight cravings for a couple days if I pig out on … Read morefave recipe: strawberry pretzel salad