The Real Food Grocery Guide

By Maria Marlowe

This beautifully designed book helps you navigate every aisle of the grocery store by clearly outlining what foods are the healthiest and the most economical — and which ones belong in the garbage, not the grocery cart!

But it’s not just a list of foods. It includes:

  • A section that provides info on how to select, store, and prepare about 50 different fruits and vegetables.
  • Hundreds of pages with clear, easy-to-understand nutritional information. A great introduction to why real food matters to our health.
  • Scattered throughout: expert tips, myth-busters, and suggestions on healthier swaps for unhealthy foods.

“If you’re trying to figure out how to lead a healthier lifestyle, this book is a must-have,” says one reviewer — and I agree! It’s the best guide of its type I’ve seen.


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