The Renewing of the Mind Project

I’ve read, used, and revisited this book multiple times, and gone through it with a group of girlfriends. I’ve found it incredibly helpful for training my thought patterns. It’s written from a strong emphasis on scripture, but there’s no guilt-mongering here. The author writes out of her own experience, with a friendly, sympathetic voice.

I love this section from Chapter 2:

God doesn’t expect us to have a “perfect house” pronto the minute we become Christians. He knows the sorry state we’re in. That’s why He sent Jesus to die on the cross.

So when we start working on these renewing of the mind projects, we’re not starting from a point of having to measure up to be acceptable to God.

We’re starting from a point of already being accepted by God if we’re His children through faith (Ephesians 2:4-9). This gives us a secure foundation. We can rest in His love and walk… with Him, working on this project together.

The first half of the book explains what renewing the mind is, and how it will help. It also introduces you to something called “truth journaling,” which helps you identify the lies you’re believing and learn to answer back with the truth.

The back of the book is filled with chapters focusing on a specific emotion or mindset, for example: fear of failure, perfectionism, frustration, boredom, and everyone’s favorite — “I’ll start tomorrow.” Each brief chapter provides a set of questions that are like a mini session with a friendly but firm therapist, and a list of Bible verses you may find apropos.

Highly recommended!

(For a similar book by the same author focused solely on food issues, see I Deserve a Donut.)

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