Stage 4: go time!

When I finally became fully committed to changing my eating and lifestyle habits for good, and I found the boundaries that worked for me, the changes in how my body and mind felt were amazing! A clearer brain, no mid-afternoon energy crashes, and that chronic shoulder pain — gone! Yeah, I’d lost some weight, and that was fun, but it was the improved quality of life that really kept me motivated.

My journey wasn’t very linear, so there wasn’t a hard line when I said, “I’m starting now.” And I’m not saying there needs to be, but if you’ve done your Stage 2 and Stage 3 work, you’re going to be excited and hopeful to actually start making these changes that seemed so daunting just a few months ago.

Stage 4 is when you put things into action. In fact, the researchers call this stage action.

I call it go time! Because, you’ve actually been doing action all along; it was just more interior. Now is when your work becomes visible to others, and your progress feels more tangible.

About this stage

What happens in this stage: This is when you begin the actual changes! If you’ve committed to quitting sugar, you’re cutting out sweets. If you’ve decided to cut back on processed food, you’re cooking at home using whole foods. If you’ve decided to move more, you have a walking schedule and you’re sticking to it. You start to feel better — less pain, more energy, clearer head. This time is filled with hope and expectation, and you’re enthusiastic about your new life.

The tools: Things researchers have determined make Stage 4 more successful…

  • Giving yourself a lot of positive feedback with every little success, and speak kindly to yourself when you struggle.
  • Pay attention to and celebrate the non-scale victories.
  • Put to use the strategies you created in Stage 3.
  • Continue to reshape the way you think about food and self care.

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