The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program

By Kathleen DeMaisons, Ph D

Do you find it impossible to just say no to sweet foods? If you don’t have your regular “dose” of sugar, do you get irritable and cranky? Were either of your parents alcoholic, or were they excessively fond of sweets?

If so (and there are other questions listed in the book), you may be sugar sensitive.

Kathleen DeMaisons says,

Sugar sensitivity is an inherited condition that makes you more reactive to imbalances in your body and brain chemistry…. These imbalances create cravings, mood swings, erratic energy, and sugar addition.

The author founded and was director of a drug and alcohol rehab facility before noticing the similarities with her own sugar addiction. As a result, she developed this program from her own experience and research.

If you think you might be addicted to sugar, this may be your best place to start. Several gentle steps ease you into giving up sugar.

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