About the trails – An introduction to what the trails are about, and a summary of what each one is.

The starter quiz – Take this quick six-question quiz to find your best starting place.

Trail-specific info

Trail 1: Boost your food I.Q. – Bust the food myths that are holding you back.

Trail 2: Find your mojo – Uncover your motivators — and your anti-motivators.

Trail 3: Choose what works – Define the boundaries you can live with.

Trail 4: Plan for success – Create a game plan to defeat obstacles.

Trail 5: Make it last – Learn to persevere, no matter what.

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Trail 1 — Food info you need to know

Trail 2 — Finding what keeps you stuck, and what moves you forward

Trail 3 — Food boundaries tailored to you

Trail 4 — Making a plan.

Trail 5 — Keep on going