Trail 2: Find your mojo

At the beginning of several of my classes, I’ve asked women to complete this sentence…

“I’d love to eat healthier, but _______________.”

Here are some common answers:

I want instant progress.

I really love sugar!

I hate feeling deprived.

Food is comfort.

It interferes with my social life.

A small group of women will usually come up with thirty or more ways to fill in that blank. Some of those reasons have to do with more logistical things, but usually about half to two thirds of the answers are related to emotional or habit reasons why we eat.

For most of us, our usual MO is just to try to white-knuckle it through, scold ourselves for feeling that way, or it just feels overwhelming, so we give up and give in.

And feel stuck.

But what if we paid some attention to those reasons, and thought through how we might surmount them?

Another question I ask women is: What’s your bigger yes? What reason, what goal is so heart-and-gut-level compelling to you that it might outweigh all your reasons to stay stuck?

When we get really clear on what is and isn’t motivating us,

we have a fighting chance of changing old patterns.

This is what Trail 2: Find your mojo is about.


Here are a few resources on this site to get you started:


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Note: all the books in this list are from a Christian perspective.

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