You’ve tried to improve your eating habits before.

But you keep falling back to the same old thing.

I know, I know. I’ve been there.

I’d tried to lose weight so many times, so many ways, and nothing stayed done. I was starting to think I needed to just accept the fact that after 50, I was going to be achy, tired, slow, and needing extra-large clothes forever. It was depressing.

It was also a lie.


The lure of the easy solution

I did find my way out. I changed the way I saw food and changed my lifestyle, and it’s stuck since 2014. But that only happened because I stopped looking for the silver bullet. I went beyond finding the perfect diet, or the one book that would change everything.

There is no silver bullet, but there is silver buckshot.

What I found — and what’s since proven true as I’ve walked alongside dozens of other women on the same journey — is that permanent life change isn’t the result of finding the one diet that changes you: it’s about changing you, from the inside out.

Changing your mind about what qualifies as healthy food.

Changing the way you think about what food does for you.

Changing how you see yourself and talk to yourself.

This could feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it all at once. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. That’s one of the reasons I’ve broken all the information in this website down into “trails” — groups of information and lessons you can focus on one at a time, as you’re ready.

You can take one step at a time, one trail at a time, till it all adds up to finding yourself in a new place, with a new perspective.

If you’ve repeatedly jumped from “I need to lose weight” or “I need to quit sugar” straight into action, that may be exactly the reason you haven’t been able to sustain lasting change. The reason you feel stuck.

What I’ve tried to do in this website and in the services I offer is to be a trail guide and a friendly encourager as you try this journey again. But this time, you’re doing the trek with more direction, confidence, and hope!


Resources to acquaint yourself with this approach:

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