One Sunday morning a couple years ago — when I’d already become known among my friends as the go-to girl for intel about healthy eating — I was chatting with a friend after church.

She shared some health problems she was battling. She knew they were food-related and she sighed, “I know I need to eat better.”

Then laughing, she added, “I need to go to Camp Jana!”

I laughed too, and conversation moved on, but that phrase stuck in my head.

I’ve been teaching classes locally since 2015, but in 2020 I’ve decided to lean more fully into my passion for helping women get unstuck in their effort to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Unstuck from discouragement, frustration, and misinformation. Moving forward with more confidence and hope!

As I’ve been helping women, the role I fill for them feels a lot like a trail guide. I’ve shifted away from an emphasis on teaching/lecturing, to some teaching, but mostly assisting people in the discovery of their own new paths. That name — Camp Jana — came back to me, and feels appropriate.

Also, since the 2020 quarantine forced my class online, I’ve realized how great it would be to reach even more women using that medium. So I’m expanding beyond local classes to offer online coaching and online classes.

Honestly, I resisted putting my own name in the site title for a while, because I don’t want this site to be all about me! But it’s catchy, and I hope to create an atmosphere here that feels like a fun summer camp. And I hope you’ll come to see me as your friendly trail guide! 🙂

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