My great joy is walking alongside women (and sometimes men) as they seek a healthier, fuller life. I’ve walked that path myself, and so I see myself as a fellow traveler, but one that’s been on this trail a while, so I know where the sinkholes and snakes are, and where the hidden shortcuts and breathtaking views can be found.

I’m currently offering my assistance as a trail guide in these ways…

One-on-one support sessions

Make an appointment for a one-on-one video chat to address your specific challenge or question.


Available topics

  • Beginner’s assessment
  • Nighttime eating
  • Choosing your food boundaries
  • I don’t feel like cooking. / I hate to cook
  • Lunch strategy
  • “The honeymoon is over!” check in
  • Create your own topic

Learn more about these support sessions.


Classes are small and personal. In-person classes in the Wichita KS area may be available, depending on the Covid situation. Online options are available, when classes are offered. However…

Right now, class formats and offerings are still under development. Sign up here to be notified when class descriptions are available and registration is open.

Teaching and speaking

I’m available to speak to groups or to present workshops or seminars, either online, or in the greater Wichita KS area or within a short drive. All talks can be tailored for a mixed audience or women only.

Topics include:

Is self-care selfish? This talk is faith-focused. With an emphasis on grace and love, we’ll look at why we have problems with self-care, and how it relates to our relationship with Jesus, as well as our health.

Grandma never counted calories. In the first half of the 20th century, women were 25 pounds lighter on average; men, 30 pounds; and type 2 diabetes was one sixth as common as it is now. And yet, no one was obsessed with dieting. In this talk, I’ll explain several ways the early 20th century lifestyle was healthier than ours, and how we can adjust our way of living now to reap the benefits.

Stocking your kitchen for easier whole food meals. I share the items I keep on hand, and how to create your own list. I also explain how to prep and store common ingredients so as to cut down the time and effort it takes to get a meal on the table.

Oh no! What am I making for dinner? A workshop to lead participants through setting up their own protein-centered meal plan, as well as some quick tips on stocking your kitchen. Includes a take-home workbook.

Interested in one of these topics for your group? Contact me.